Dedicated to those who would like to know.

First, finer and more eloquent photos have been and still will be taken on less advanced systems. If you obsess over what brand you are shooting with or whether its “mirrorless” or whatever, then you’re missing the point—it is art. But, there is a time and place to talk about the canvas, the type of brush, the paint, et cetera.

Lastly, for the same reason we never tell a painter, “Wow, that’s a nice painting. You must have a nice brush,” never tell a photographer, “Wow, that’s a nice print. You must have a really expensive camera.”




That’s it.

My advice, if you are just getting into photography, is buy a good, full-frame DSLR but spend your money on lenses. Lenses hold their value whereas bodies are always advancing. The 50mm 1.4f is a wonderful starting lens that will deliver professional results. Wait, develop a photographic personality, and see what you like before you invest in any “L” series lenses.

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